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Smile #127

22 Dec

Snow Day

These kids have the right idea!  This is way better than any snowman!

Snowy smiles,

Heather 🙂

found at


Smile #100

6 Nov

Foosball Forever

Can you imagine how long a game on this table takes??

Playful smiles,

Heather 🙂

Pack Tailgater provided us with our 100th Smile, thanks guys!

Smile #99

5 Nov

Terrifying Tennis

Putting on a few wristbands does NOT make you an athlete.

Safe smiles,

Heather 🙂

I found our tennis two at Funny Daze.

Smile #71

12 Oct


Who needs a chair when you have a friend like this?!  He also doubles as a stool and table tray. 

Share a smile,

Heather 🙂

Today’s smile came from TestQ.

Smile #68

10 Oct

Wanna Hang?

It’s Sunday….. a perfect day to just hang out!

Stick a smile on your face,

Heather 🙂

I found our Sunday Smile here.

Smile #61

4 Oct

Can You Hear Me Now?

When they say don’t mix business with pleasure, I assume this is what they mean.

Huge smiles,

Heather 🙂

I found this smile at Izismile.

Smile #57

30 Sep

Circle Cycle

Well, they’re getting nowhere fast.

Circular smiles,

Heather 🙂

I found this bike picture here.

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