Smile #129

11 Jan


Well, the kid isn’t wrong!

A+ Smiles,

Heather :)

today’s Smile comes from 4TheHead.

Smile #128

28 Dec


Oh man… what a snowman!  When you need an 8ft ladder to put the head on, you know you have the largest snowman in the neighborhood!

Huge smiles,

Heather :)

Smile #127

22 Dec

Snow Day

These kids have the right idea!  This is way better than any snowman!

Snowy smiles,

Heather :)

found at

Smile #126

13 Dec

Santa Crash

At least he has a couple of weeks to recuperate. 

Santa smiles.

Heather :)

I found today’s Smile at Fun and Music

Smile #125

10 Dec

Please Wash

Is it me or is that guy blushing?   I suppose if I were in his position, I’d be too!

Sanitary smiles,

Heather :)

Today’s Smile comes from Oddee

Smile #124

9 Dec

Helping Hands

A little extra support is always nice ;)

Supported smiles,

Heather :)

Today’s Smile comes from Impact Lab

Smile #123

8 Dec

Go Texas

She can’t help it… she was raised in Dallas!

Cheerful smiles,

Heather :)

I found our funny of the day at Buckaroo’s Funny Pictures.


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