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Smile #126

13 Dec

Santa Crash

At least he has a couple of weeks to recuperate. 

Santa smiles.

Heather 🙂

I found today’s Smile at Fun and Music


Smile #120

1 Dec

Puddle Pedaling

This poor guy, he needed more than just an umbrella.  How ’bout some training wheels buddy!

Dry smiles,

Heather 🙂

Found our 120th Smile at Funny-jokes.

Smile #111

17 Nov


No wonder they keep loosing power.  It looks as if a wire has been crossed. Time to call PECO.

Wired smiles,

Heather 🙂

Daily Haha provided us with Smile #111.  Thanks guys!

Smile #101

7 Nov


Don’t fall forward, FALL BACK!

Timely smiles,


Johnny Ikon provided us with today’s photo. Thanks Johnny!

Smile #99

5 Nov

Terrifying Tennis

Putting on a few wristbands does NOT make you an athlete.

Safe smiles,

Heather 🙂

I found our tennis two at Funny Daze.

Smile #80

19 Oct

TP Tail

….. And I thought toilet paper on the shoe was bad. 

Double check your smile,

Heather 🙂

I would like to thank Shop At Maison B for today’s funny photo.

Smile #69

11 Oct

This Kid

It sounded like a good idea.

Try on a smile,

Heather 🙂

I found our 69th smile here.

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