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Smile #46

20 Sep

Smile Of The Week

Happy Hadley

This smile is contagious every time. 

Sweet smiles,

Heather 🙂

Appletini Photography, thank you for this smile!


Smile #8

15 Aug

Up, Up and Away

This is one of my favorite shots from Hadley’s Fantasy Foto shoot.  It is so cute!  Because it’s so great, it takes the spot at number 8!!  Thanks for the fun photo Appletini Photography

Miles of smiles,

Heather 🙂

Smile #4

7 Aug

Poker Face



Hadley’s poker face takes the #4 spot.  This gets me every time!  My girlfriend Tiffany took this picture.  She is a photographer for Appletini Photography, and we had a fun “Fantasy Foto Shoot” the other day.    This is just one of the shots she took.  I will post others in the future, but today this is the one I am smiling about. 

Keep on smiling,

Heather 🙂

My Very First Smile :)

3 Aug

Hadley + Jim = 🙂

For my very first entry, I want to focus on not what makes me smile, but who.  My husband Jim and daughter Hadley.  They bring me more joy than anything. Just the thought of them brings a smile to my face… How powerful is that!!   I wanted to begin my blog with my two loves because I am sure they will be the topic of many future files.

Keep smiling,

Heather 🙂

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